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Hello. I'm a Pi Crust.

I connect electronics to your Raspberry Pi.

What am I?

I'm a breakout board for the Raspberry Pi. I make it easy to connect electronics.

About the Design

The toughest part of my design was making me fit inside a Raspberry Pi. The existing Raspberry Pi headers actually go all the way through my board and I sits approximately 2mm above the Raspberry Pi (very close). It's almost as if I'm part of the original board.

Because I sit so close to the Raspberry Pi, care has been taken to ensure that my thru-hole components avoid components on the Raspberry Pi board (so they don't short them out), and to avoid restricting air getting to the main ARM processor.

Get the Parts

You can order the parts and assemble it yourself. If you can do basic soldering, you're all set. It's very easy: here's how...

Don't know how to solder? It's really easy. Check out the Soldering Is Easy comic.

Don't want to solder? Sign up to news updates to find out when you can buy these (and future) boards, pre-assembled:

Parts Required

Part Quantity Where to get it
PCB 1 OSHPark ($4.60)
2x13 0.1" bottom entry board-to-board connector 1 Mouser ($1.75)
1x2 0.1" female header 1 Pololu ($0.29)
1x3 0.1" female header 1 Pololu ($0.34)
1x4 0.1" female header 3 Pololu ($0.39 each)
1x5 0.1" female header 1 Pololu ($0.44)
1x6 0.1" female header 2 Pololu ($0.49 each)
1x8 0.1" female header 1 Pololu ($0.59)
1x2 0.1" male header 1


How to Make

How to Use

The board clearly labels the pins. For details about interfacing with peripherals, see the RPi Low Level Peripherals Guide.

Help and support

Come visit the Pi Crust Google Group. Be nice to everyone.

Open Source

I am open source under the Creative Commons 2.5, Attribution, Share-alike license.

My source is available on GitHub: joewalnes/pi-crust


Created by Joe Walnes in the igloo lab.

Contributors: Mercedes Mane and Salman Mahmood.

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Want More? MOARRR!?

The igloo lab is working on new board is coming soon with lots of on-board goodies, including more digital pins, analog and on board LEDs and buttons. Want to know when it's ready? Sign up for news:

Pi Crust in the wild

Drew Fustini noticed that the Adafruit Real Time Clock module has the same I2C pin ordering. You can slot it in directly.

Drew Fustini demonstrates using a Raspberry Pi and Pi Crust for Controlling a servo motor with the Raspberry Pi

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